Facilitator Growth
Program (FGP)


Enablement Teams - HCD


Concepting, UI, Curriculum Development and Delivery, Facilitation


Danny - UI/Facilitation
Emily - UI/Facilitation




When emerging from a global pandemic and volitile company RTO mandates, how do you improve product-team efficiency at enterprise scale?


BLUF: Productize and deliver a facilitation program that incubates students into human-centered design practitioners, instilling best-practices as default techniques, while achieving excellent NPS scores

  • I co-lead the revitalization of the FGP program with a renewed focus on product teams.
  • I rebuilt the course materials to reflect the corporate design language and a cohesive narrative across all 4 weeks.
  • I iterated in with each cohort, sometimes at the sub-lesson level to respond and pivot to the changing needs of the group.
  • With encouragement, I am continuing to deliver the course at 2x velocity compared to 2022

Lessons learned

  • Too much is too much - Balancing audience skill level from beginner to expert challenges me to find the right balance of discussion and practice
  • Teaching isnt just facilitation - coming in I felt like a practiced facilitator, but to deliver a coursework with clarity required a whole new mental model (and a script!)
  • Not everyone's a designer! - In delivering the course, I've uncovered a bias of mine that take for granted the designer's skillset. Remember to approach facilitation through the eyes of a beginner with each activity.
  • Be a pez-dispenser - Do not prepare them to be fully self-sufficient, step each activity through it's paces step by step. You are there to take the cognative load off of them so they can focus on the task at hand.


My partner in crime Emily has just the same "screw it let's try" attitude I have and it's been incredible to see what we can accomplish together. Congrats on the new baby, if it wasn't for her I would'nt have had the chance!

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