New Member Acquisition


Research, System Integrations, Strategic Thinking, UX/UI


Danny - UI/UX Designer
Alyssa + Amanda - UI/UX Designer
Andie - Strategy & Vision




The multi-million visitor homepage sucked was underperforming in a few key areas: accessibility, pathfinding to product, and servicing. Our team pitched a vision for what might be, and sold leadership on the revamp.


BLUF: Deliver a homepage that provides a triple digit cross-cosa product lift, top 10% of WebAim accessibility measures, in under 90 days.

  • I lead a feasibility study on the WIP internal design language and development transition.
  • The team Baselines the existing site, identifying painpoints in the existing experience.
  • I Prototyped the art-of-the-now with available components.
  • Together, we tested against our concept spectrum for to optimize for wayfinding and user objectives and better qualitative understanding.
  • With results in hand, we moved to development where I was able to assist engineers in language adoption, asset optimization, and data analysis.
  • Lastly, the team performed a production A/B/C test that decided upon the final design.

Lessons learned

  • We CAN move fast - Board of Director support meant we automatically had cross-cosa alignment AND we could lean on executive privelage to shortcut broken processes. Key takeaway: We need to be ruthless with company processes that build over time.
  • Bring the right people - The team formed new working relationships and materials to host discussions with SEO, data teams, and all product partners which pre-empted pushback and increased speed. The drawback is, it’s not scalable to have everyone in the same room on every project.
  • People need to feel heard — A third concept business driven attempted to “stuff” the page with over 14 options was brought forward with other designs, but was able to meet it’s demise in production. It was mostly an invalid hypothesis, but that’s the benefit of design as a risk mitigator.


Huge thank you to Alyssa and Amanda for their incredible research planning and concepting efforts, Andie for not just talking about the opportunity but making to learn. Also, super-double high five to Collin my tech lead for his 1:1 partnership and willingness to iterate on solutions that fit within our narrow constraints.

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